1. Read and research ( be a life-long learner)

    The Bible says "For lack of knowledge, my people perish". Wisdom and knowledge are therefore the principal things. If you do not educate yourself about the human hair, ingredients, products, techniques, and so on, you will be quick to throw in the towel. Knowing that the hair goes through three phases of growth, for example, gives you the confidence to stay calm even when you see your hair shedding because it could be from the telogen or hair-shedding phase. It is important to learn, read, listen, watch and apply as much as you possibly can!


  2. Map out a routine/regimen that works for YOUR hair

    It is important that you 'listen' to your hair. Building a regimen/routine is one of the key ways to be successful on a healthy hair journey. Do not skip steps or cut corners, because you saw someone else do it. Everyone's hair is completely different. God has made us unique in that way. Use that to your advantage and create a one-in-7billion-custom regimen for you! Be intentional about what you put in your hair!


  3. Be committed and consistent

    Healthy hair lifestyle is a journey not a destination. In order to be successful, please start with your mind. Have the understanding that, just like most good things in life, commitment and consistency is key. You need to be committed to the cause you are undertaking and also, decide to be consistent. Make it a habit to the health of your hair and body first. That is the only way you will see a change for the better. If you choose to wash and deep condition once a week, ensure you do it once every single week.


  4. Don't be afraid to trim/dust or even have a complete cut if necessary

    Because our ends are the oldest part of our hair, it is considered to have gone through the most processes compared to other parts of your hair strand. This is why we often see that most issues begin from the ends/tips; they are the most prone, after all. It is therefore important to develop a habit of trimming or lightly dusting your ends in order to maintain the good health of your hair. There is nothing worse than a beautiful canvas of hair with split ends...


  5. Avoid heat when you can

    Our hair strands are not made to endure extreme temperatures and certain tools/systems we have created to help with the styling process can hurt more than help our hair's health. It is important to reduce the application of heat to our hair strands as that opens up our cuticle (our hair's protective outer layer) and exposes the cortex (main component of our hair). With enough heat application, the cuticle can actually be damaged, causing our hair to be dry, brittle and lifeless.