Four years ago, I created the formula for our very first product, the Scalp and Hair Treatment, out of desperation. Little did I know that two years later, I’d be introducing the world to a full-blown haircare brand. The image above was our first professional photoshoot. To say I was exhausted was an understatement; my newborn baby had just turned 4weeks and I had an 18 month old toddler to boot. But I was determined to present Atarah in the best way possible. For the shoot, I had only one requirement - that the model uses and loves Atarah. I sent Ornella samples of the product weeks ahead and she fell in love. Her love for the brand was right from the start. The photoshoot was seamless and beautiful with no pretension. That was all I wanted. For people to fall in love with the brand and products so they could be natural ambassadors/spokespersons. When a product or brand helps you gain control over an aspect of your life by solving a problem for you, it’s empowering and that is Atarah’s mission. By providing safe, clean, pure and natural solutions to hair growth issues, we believe we are empowering women to live their best lives.

I truly appreciate everyone that has been with us and continues to support Atarah. As we turn 2, my request is that you never stop believing in the brand and pray for us. God is taking us to unimaginable heights and I truly believe we are here to stay!