As healthy-haired individuals, there are various things we have to stay on top of: moisture levels, minimizing breakage, protective styling and healthy ends, just to name a few. While most of these regimens and techniques cater to our new growth, it’s important to take note of the state of our hair health, overall, to avoid continuing any detrimental habits. One of the biggest concerns we face would have to be the thinning of our fragile edges.

The most we can do is avoid common pitfalls, such as styles that are too tight and stressful on the edges, products loaded with breakage-inducing alcohols and too much heat styling.

Once we’ve gotten those habits out of the way, the next thing to reflect on is diet, of course! A well-balanced meal full of fibers, nutrients and proteins will ensure hair follicles are properly stimulated and vibrant. Don’t forget to fit in some exercising to improve the scalp’s circulation, as well! Also, make sure to check with your doctor in case your hair thinning is due to an underlying illness. Here are some all-natural remedies for thinning edges. Remember, they won’t serve as a quick fix! They will, however, stimulate hair growth and help you take better care of it as it comes in.

1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

JBCO is the unrefined version of Castor Oil and one half of our foundational ingredient for our Scalp and Hair Treatment. This means the full health benefits and nutrients were not lost during processing. A daily or weekly (depending on the severity) deep temple massage will greatly improve circulation and stimulation of the hair follicle. JBCO is scientifically proven to remove toxins and impurities from the scalp. This will allow your natural oils to function properly, creating a healthy environment and nourishment for new growth.

2. Peppermint Oil & 3. Jojoba Oil

Similarly to Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil is an antibacterial, known for removing impurities causing growth obstructions. Its cooling effect also relaxes the follicle, promoting healthy hair growth. Since Jojoba is the oil closest to that of our own natural oils, it is the best choice for a carrier oil. A soothing carrier oil is needed with Peppermint Oil because of how potent it can be. I usually add equal parts. Another great all-natural and effective mixture is Basil Oil and Jojoba. Consistent and weekly pre-poo (before cleansing) scalp massages with either mixture will improve hair growth with major results within the first three months.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals essential for hair growth. It’s almost rare to find a product without it as an ingredient. The anti-bacterial properties of Aloe help you maintain a build-up-free scalp. While unclogging, it also balances and restores the pH, aiding in hair growth, shine and overall health. If you suffer from Alopecia, aloe is commonly suggested as the best natural remedy in preventing further hair loss. Using it as a sealant over your moisturizers and leave-ins or simply including it in your regimen overall will greatly improve your hair’s growth cycle. Focus on your edges (apply more) during application.

5. Coconut Oil

The other half of our foundation for our Scalp and Hair treatment is the forever tried and trusted, Coconut Oil, a for thousands of years as a precious beauty treasure. It's made from rare, naturally fragrant ingredients, found only on the French Polynesian islands, and loved for its power to heal and repair hair like no other. Our treatment oil has been proven to grow hair back healthier and restore strength, moisture and shine to strands.    

For your strongest edges ever, try our Scalp and Hair Treatment.