Winter Is Here - Protect Your Hair During This Cold Season

Hey Jewels, 

Regardless of where you live, you’re likely familiar with the toll the cold season takes on your hair and scalp. Cold weather is harsh on all hair textures and types. Just like skin, hair needs protection from the cold to remain healthy. Incorporating these few tips in your hair journey is important to retain length and health. Remember, your hair is truly your crown so invest in it.  

  1. Protect your hair from the elements

Cold, wet weather can take its toll on your hair. The best way to protect your hair from the elements is to put it in a protective style like a sew-in weave, a wig, or braids while covering your head whenever you’re out and about. Satin-lined caps, hoodies, and hats should be your best friend this season. Should you notice any tightness or dryness of your scalp, our Scalp and Hair Treatment which is formulated with Jamaican Black Castor, Jojoba, and Coconut oil which are anti-microbial (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) and can restore the scalp’s pH balance - the perfect solution for any itchiness or dry flakes! 

  1. Hydration

Up to 60% of the adult human body is made up of water, meaning that we need water in order to be at our healthiest. If you’re dehydrated on the inside, it will show on the outside too so make sure you drink plenty of water to help keep your hair and scalp hydrated.

Using Atarah’s Scalp & Hair Treatment right after a leave-in or moisturizer helps to seal in the external hydration your hair needs to thrive in the cold weather.  Try using this simple combination of water and aloe vera juice to spritz your hair when it's dry and then apply our Scalp and Hair Treatment to lock in the moisture. You will love it! 

  1. Avoid heat and over-manipulation of your hair

Limit your use of tools like hair dryers and curling irons, as the heat can dry out your hair and scalp, increasing the risk of damage.

Does that mean you can't use your favorite curling iron? No, we want you to feel beautiful and confident; for some women, you can do a few things to minimize the damage.

Use good quality heat-protectant before applying heat of any form to your strands.  Use our Scalp & Hair Treatment as hot-oil treatment on washdays to infuse the nutrients and strength back into your strands, especially if you will use heat after shampooing and conditioning. Struggling with heat-damaged hair? Try Atarah’s Scalp & Hair Treatment.

  1. Have your hair trimmed regularly

Whether you have long or short hair, winter weather can make the ends of your hair dry and brittle. Your hair becomes susceptible to split ends and dryness in the colder months. Regular trims will keep your hair in good condition and reduce the chance of split ends. Although most people prefer retaining length, a trim can help make your hair look healthier and fuller. Please consult with a professional or your hairstylist to decide exactly how much should be trimmed off and the styles available for your new hair length.  

  1. Wash your hair in lukewarm or cool water

It might be tempting in the colder months to turn the water temperature up but try to avoid washing your hair in very hot water - use lukewarm or cool water to avoid damage.


Hot water can dry out your hair and damage the delicate skin on your scalp, which may be extra sensitive during the cold season.

  1. Don’t leave home with wet hair

Take the extra time to blow-dry your hair or let it dry naturally before going outside. In cold weather, your hair will take a long time to dry - and if your hair is wet, you risk breakage.


All of these tips and tricks should help you maintain a healthy head of hair, especially during the cold season. And remember that hair care is as much a ritual as it is a science, so don’t be afraid to try out different methods to find what works best for you. I hope this article was helpful in getting you through the cold season with beautiful, healthy hair. Comment and share your hair struggles and what you do to get through this season!